Twin Cam - 95 CU" - Testimonials

Hey Bob and Gang,

You turned my 2003 FLHTCI into a 95 incher in February of 2006. First of all, the one week turn around was a real surprise. I have ridden several thousand miles since then and am very pleased with how the bike runs. I have ridden two up and solo in many types of conditions and the bike performs extremely strong and smooth. I was amazed at how quick the bike revs and how hard it pulls. I run with guys who have 95" kits from others, most with high compression, high lift cams and big valves. I am pleased to say that I can run with any of these bikes and I don't have to worry about running out of gas, pinging, or over heating.

Thanks for a job well done!

Neil Minardi
North Grafton, MA

I would like to thank the professor and the JET team. You read all the testimonials and what everyone is saying is true. I just can’t believe the performance out of the bike... WOW…. I let a few friends ride the bike and you should have seen their faces and heard their comments.  One said it's like turbo charged and another said it was on steroids, you have my vote.  Love the muscle.

JET will be doing my service work also and any upgrades.

Brian Kent
Charlton, Ma.

Geoff Gaites built a "95" inch JET engine for my '02 Dyna Low Rider last year. The engine pulls hard everywhere and is absolutely rock solid.  Easy starting, no pinging, and low temps on the temp gauge. Of course the same thing is happening to me that has happened to countless others. The "95" inch engine is my first introduction to performance upgrades and although I love riding the bike, I long for something faster (how many times have you heard this story?). Therein lies the possibility of purchasing a used Buell and taking it down to Mr. Gaites to let him work some of that Cycle Doctor magic with a J.E.T performance package. Of course this idea is speculatory right now, but the "95" inch upgrade was speculatory at one time as well. Thanks for any information.  It's a privilege to ride a Johnson/Gaites driven Dyna.

David Hetrick
West Los Angeles, CA

2000 FLHRI

2000 FLHRI

My goal in riding the Tampa Florida area to JET in Rhode Island was to have them rebuild my 2000 FLHRI with 32,500 miles, which was previously kitted with the factory 95ci stage II package at 1,000 miles. I had experienced increased and very unpleasant vibration levels as my bike had aged. I sought a smoother and more responsive engine from JET. I usually ride 2 up and was fed up with the hot running, stumbling, surging, pinging, rough running beast my bike had become.

To say that JET met my goals would be wrong... they flat redefined what a 95ci stage II FLHRI should run like. WOW!!!! I used to have to whack the throttle to do a pass on the freeway, now I had better roll it on or risk breaking the rear tire loose under some conditions. SMOOTH has taken on a whole new level of meaning that I thought could never apply to a 95ci Stage II Twin Cam A motor... AWESOME! Thank you to Bob and the whole team at JET for making my bike fun to ride again.

Jeff Gardner 
Valrico, FL

Dear JET:

With over 1,000 miles on my 2005 Electra Glide since installing you 95 cu. in. package, the power in impressive! Throttle response is great! I have more power now, the bike runs smoother, and better gas mileage.  This package was recommended to me by Bob with Bike Works in Memphis, Tn. I have been riding Harley's for over twenty-five years and all I can say is that you would think this is the way a Harley is supposed to run.  I highly recommend your kit for anyone looking for more power, more torque and better gas mileage. 

Paul V. Condon
Byhalia, Ms  

2005 Dyna Lowrider, efi

2005 Dyna Lowrider, efi

What a difference! I did a lot of research on how I should upgrade my engine and I had many discussions with different engine builders but no one could really give me a straight answer. I also heard of a lot of nightmares about technicians not doing the engine work properly and putting the wrong cam profiles, too high of compression and not correctly assembling the engine. I spent a-lot of money on my motorcycle and it is hard to trust people working on it. Bob made it simple and he had a logical formula and explanation for what he did and what I wanted to accomplish and he also made me feel comfortable.  

When I left JET I didn't know what to expect but shortly I realized how smooth my bike was.  It handled better, the vibration is just about gone and the ample power I now have to pass out cars and climb hills is really amazing.  Before trying to keep a 70-75 mile an hour pace on the highway was a-lot of work, now the engine just loves it, almost like it is not even working hard. I have a different motorcycle now or should I say a performance tuned machine.  

For people who are confused and are not sure how to go about a performance upgrade I suggest you talk to Bob and I am sure he will take the confusion out and make you feel comfortable with your decision to let JET take care of your performance upgrade.  Thanks JET for achieving my performance goal for my Dyna it is more than I expected.

Tom Parrett
Middletown, CT


I got a chance to put some miles on the Wide Glide this weekend. The bike is running absolutely awesome. I cannot believe the difference. The bike cruises on the highway with no effort now. Before the work was done it seemed like the motor was working hard and not going anywhere. The only problem I am having is not running into the back of my buddies when we pull away from a traffic light in a group! Guess I've gotta learn to roll on the throttle a little easier. (Or start riding in front of the group!) I'm definitely looking forward to next years riding season.  Thanks again to you, Robert and Angelica for taking the time to work with me to make sure I would get a build I would be happy with."

Rich Lennehan,
Bristol, CT

One year later...

Hi everyone, Just wanted to drop you a short note at the end of my "first anniversary" with the 95" engine you did for me. I gotta tell you, it has been really good NOT seeing you! It's been good NOT seeing you for oil leaks, tuning issues or any other mechanical problems related to the work you did on my Wide Glide. The bike has been  flawless since you did the top end and is definitely more fun to ride now. The only mistake I made was waiting as long as I did to do the work.

Thanks again,

Rich Lennehan


Mike has our TW37g package in his bike. -  95" dyno, 77 hp, 107 ft lbs  -   Dynoed in at 97 HP and 107 ft lbs torque, SAE corrected. 

Mike has our TW37g package in his bike. - 95" dyno, 77 hp, 107 ft lbs  - Dynoed in at 97 HP and 107 ft lbs torque, SAE corrected. 

The first riding season with my new 95" JET performance package is coming to an end. I wanted to give you a little feedback after over 7,000 miles this season. I  had already done a 95" kit with someone else so I was a little skeptical with some of your claims about horsepower and reliability.

After one full season I can tell you that I am a believer. My bike runs so great, the engine is quiet and the power band is unbelievable. I am getting almost 50 miles to the gallon, my bike is running cooler, and smother than it ever did. When I first got it back I was riding it like I used to. I would pass a car like normal but something was wrong. I almost called you to complain about my broken speedometer. It seemed to hit 100mph every time I passed someone. I have adjusted my throttle hand and things are fine now. Thanks for a great job, and wonderful service. I know I got the most BANG for my buck with you. I wish I found you first.

Mike Blanchard
Worcester, MA

To everyone at Johnson Engine Technology,

David's 2002 FXDX dynoed in at 99 HP and 109 ft lbs torque, SAE corrected after our TW37g package. 

David's 2002 FXDX dynoed in at 99 HP and 109 ft lbs torque, SAE corrected after our TW37g package. 

I have put on just over a thousand miles since you completed my 95" build.  What can I say...Wow!  It's incredible.  

I had very high expectations before you did the work because I had heard so much positive feedback from others whose engines you had built. I did not think it was possible, but you far exceeded my expectations. Sure the added power is great, but I can't believe how smooth and refined this engine runs.  It runs smoother now than stock or when I had it at Stage 1.  I'm having a hard time laying off the throttle and I'm still getting comparable or better gas mileage than stock/stage 1.

I will be sure to refer you to anyone I come across looking for engine work.

Thank you and keep up the great work!

David Allen
West Warwick, RI

To Angelica and the Team at Johnson Engine Technology,

I love my machine. She runs a hole in the wind, speaking of which was one of my main reasons for the power upgrade. I now run down the freeway,  wind -no wind- it makes no difference. The power meets the need, no more throttling up for most hills. Passing is at the twist of the wrist, no down shift required, unless you want to meet "Johnny Law " that is.  

Thanks again.

Chris Mitchell     
Winnemucca, NE

2003 Dyna Super Glide Sport

2003 Dyna Super Glide Sport

Dear everyone at Johnson's, 

I had a great ride home...the motorcycle performance was outstanding...the roll on power that I had climbing the hills made the bike feel even better than I could have hoped for. What you have accomplished with my Harley motor far exceeded my expectations.  Imagine that, a Harley that makes more than noise. Thanks again, and I will keep you posted as I put more miles on it.

I would be happy to talk to any potential customers about your Harley mods. I hated to put my bike up for the winter, I just couldn't stop riding.  That bike is just awesome and I would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone looking for some real performance. Thanks again for the great work on my bike.

Andy Bruns.
Cazenovia, NY

Walton's 95" dyno

Walton's 95" dyno

Whatever you did to Walton's that to mine.

Ryder Thompson
Stonington, CT