Twin Cam Dyno Runs

All JET dyno runs are a result of work done by Johnson Engine Technology.

JET 103” Builds. 

All Dyno runs are SAE corrected.  Most runs show the power of a stock 2012 103” Roadglide for comparison to the JET build featured  

95cu" EFI Twin Cam with Rinehart Exhaust
2005 Dyna with stock comparison

  • 98.51 HP and 105 FT LBS Torque (SAE corrected)

95cu" Carbureted Twin Cam
44 CV carburetor and Rinehart Exhaust
2004 Roadking

  • 100.23 HP and 111.55 FT LBS Torque (SAE corrected)

J.E.T. 95cu" carbureted bike vs S&S Cycle 95cu" carbureted bike 
Roadkings (all runs SAE Corrected)

  • J.E.T. =100.23 HP, 111.55 FT LBS Torque
  • S & S Cycle = 92 HP, 102 FT LBS Torque
  • STOCK= 67.37HP, 75.28 FT LBS Torque

103 cu" Carbureted Twin Cam
44 CV carb and Cycle Shack Pipes
2003 SE Roadking Special Edition with stock comparison

  • 101.27 HP and 114.02 FT LBS Torque (SAE corrected)

106 cu" Carbutereted Twin Cam with Thunderheader
2001 FXSTB NightTrain with stock comparison 

  • 105.41 HP, 121.88 FT LBS Torque (SAE corrected)

106 cu" EFI Twin Cam with Cycle Shacks
9.5:1 compression
2006 Fatboy Custom with stock comparison

  • 107.33 HP and 117.08 FT LBS Torque (SAE corrected)

106 cu" EFI Twin Cam with 2-into-1 Bassani
9.5:1 compression
2001 FXD Dyna

  • 104.12 HP and 111.9 FT LBS Torque (SAE corrected)

116 cu" Twin Cam with all the JET fixin's

  • 131 HP, 141 FT LBS Torque