Performance Packages for Harley Davidson Twin Cams made from 1999-Present    

JET 103” Build, a bolt on upgrade for all Twin Cams built from 2007-2015. 103 Horsepower, 113 Foot pounds of Torque


JET Raised Port Heads                                    $750

JET High Velocity Throttle Body upgrade     $169

Andrews TW54H Cam                                     $295

Upgraded Cam Bearings                                 $24

JET CP X Brace Piston set                              $375

Johnson HiPSI Lifter Set                                  $154

Cometic  Top End Gasket Kit                           $89

 Total (not including shipping/installation)   $1966 

We recommend the following exhaust configurations for 103" builds : 1.75"  X-Pipe the Cycle Shack 3" mufflers,  Cycle Shack staggered-duals,  Bassani RoadRage 2:1,  Bassani True-Duals with Megaphone mufflers.   

103" Twin Cam Dyno Runs 

95" Performance Package for 1999-2006 Harley Davidson Powered Twin Cams 

At the heart of our 95" performance Package is our CVN cylinder head upgrade.  We use this and the TW37 Cam as the foundation of a 95-100hp build.  We recommend the use of gear drive cams, but every build is unique on how to best fix the cam-chest.   Converting your cam chest to a hydraulic camplate set up is also recommended. To finish off each build we will add the specifics that your bike will need if it has  carburetor or fuel injection    

TW37 cams                                      $295

Cam bearing kit                                  $36

TC top end motor kit                         $95

CP 10:1  Fordged Pistons                 $345

Compression Releases USA made  $72

JET CVN heads                                $770

JET cylinders 3.875 upgrade          $240

Johnson HiPSI Lifter Set                   $154







DYNO runs Coming Soon