Shipping Info


Pack your cardboard box or boxes very carefully.  It is recommended that parts are wrapped twice in bubble-wrap.  There should be plenty of packing peanuts surrounding the parts, as well as cardboard dividing the parts (even putting each head and cylinder in it's own individual box first is a good idea).  There should be no touching parts in the box, and no parts touching the sides, bottom, or top of the box.  Especially when sending heads or cylinders, if fins are touching each other much damage can and will occur!  Make sure the boxes are completely drop proof!

INFORMATION: Please include in your box the following:

  1. Your name/business, address, day phone, cell phone, and email address.  If you are a business with a website, please include the web address as well.
  2. The make, model, and year of the applicable motorcycle.
  3. A work order number if you received one over the phone.


All of our national mail orders are billed out as a certified C.O.D., MC/Visa, or PayPal.  For international orders we only accept PayPal.

Shipping Address:

10 Springbrook Rd                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Westerly, RI 02891