Does My Work Come with a Warranty?

Johnson Engine Technology stands 100% behind our products, services, and modifications.  All services and parts modified by JET are under warranty for 1 year or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.  If there is a problem we will replace and/or fix the problem we may have caused at no cost, as long as it falls within the warranty period.  Each warranty situation is a case by case situation and JET has the right to inspect and determine the result of failure.  Failure to allow us to inspect the root cause of the problem may void the warranty.  

We are not responsible for the failure of parts from our distributors or the damage in your engine that may result from those parts.  However, we will fight on your behalf to have that manufacturing company stand behind their product.

Some of the Manufacturers We Trust to Stand Behind their Products include:

Andrews Products, Harley-Davidson®/Buell®, S&S Cycle, K&N, WISECO, Kendall, JIMS, Cometic Gasket