The Jet Crew

Bob Johnson, President and Owner


"For as long as I can remember I have been interested in high performance," this is a quote from President and Owner Bob Johnson of Johnson Engine Technology™.  

Every little boy dreams of driving the fastest vehicle.  For Bob Johnson his vehicle is the Harley, and it is the fastest.  While in high school his drive for high performance stemmed from drag racing muscle cars (now vintage).  

After he left the navy as a machinist mate he took up drag racing again, but in a little different style.  Johnson drag raced mainly Suzuki GS 1100 Japanese motorcycles.  His successful drag racing career landed him the National Motorcycle Racing Association Championship. 

In the 1980s he was a critical part of a design team at Aston Martin's re-entry into Group C racing in Europe.  This is a form of  European automotive endurance racing.  In this form of racing, the cars can only run so much fuel (only 93 Octane).  The goal was to design an efficient engine that would run well on 93 Octane, be fast enough to win, and reliable enough to make it to the finish line with the limited amount of gas.  The program was a success and an adventure. 

In 1992, after Bob finished working on this project, he opened up his own business in his backyard garage and began to primarily focus on Harley Davidson® high performance, meanwhile doing a little more drag racing with the Sportster® to the left.  What was the then called Johnson's Tuning was growing too large and too fast for just himself and his home garage, thus making it time to expand.  He changed the name of the business to Johnson Engine Technology™ and moved the business to a larger location in Westerly, Rhode Island.  Now that Johnson Engine Technology™ is growing even more, I wonder where he will move to next.

Robert Johnson, Vice President

Robert has received his Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Three Rivers Community College, as well as his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Central Connecticut State University.  When he was at Three Rivers, Robert was named Engineering Student of the year. He has been working along side his father for years now and knows his way around a motorcycle engine. In fact, at the age of 18, much of his design was installed into the Buell of Robin Fischer (pictured here).  Robert is also fluent in Auto Cad.

After racing Go-Karts for the past 6 years, Robert has left 4 tires and has switched to two. After a few races on the Johnson Engine Technology, Inc. acquired JET Modified X1 Lightening Buell of Robin Fischer, Robert then raced a JET Modified Buell XB12R, a theft recovery. After stripping the bike completely down and dumping the water out of the engine, Robert tasted his first victory at the Loudon Classic over Japanese 600 Supersport Bike in-line fours such as GSXR 600s, ZX6Rs, R6s, and GSXR 750s.  By proving that JET can make a Buell work, more Buell riders understand what we can do for them.

Robert also plans to one day take over the business and with the his knowledge, Johnson Engine Technology will continue its growing success!