Company History

The cornerstone of Johnson Engine Technology™ (JET) is the owner, Bob Johnson.  Bob has been in the pursuit of speed for quite some time now.  When questioned how long he has had this interest he responded, “When God formed me in the; for as long as I can remember, I have been interested in performance.”  After spending time in the navy as a machinist mate, drag racing (now vintage) muscle cars, drag racing motorcycles (winning National events), and working on an Aston Martin endurance racing project as part of a critical design team, Bob knew it was time to start his own business.  The 16 year old small shop has worked its way from being a one man backyard garage operation called Johnson Tuning, into an established, high clientele company, called Johnson Engine Technology™. 

We at Johnson Engine Technology™ have learned you can only afford to race what you can afford to repair.  Therefore, we acknowledge the need for great precision which translates into performance and reliability. By performance, we mean the ability to make peak horsepower and torque, while still having extremely good low end and mid-range power.  By reliability, we mean keeping the mechanical side of the engine in proper working order all the time.  So how have we learned to give an engine peak performance and reliability? By using principles of science ( knowledge, gained through testing theories to see if they are correct) and physics (mathematical relationships derived from science used to define the physical world we live in) we have learned what is takes to design cylinder heads so that camshaft profiles, compression ratios, and engine displacements can be minimized to attain performance.  

These principles give us at JET the ability to take your engine, which is essentially nothing more than an air pump, and reconfigure the architecture of the pumping efficiency. These are the key factors in the design of a cylinder head, which so happens to be our specialty.   “The level of performance that you have achieved on my motorcycle with your head work is absolutely incredible.  Where once I had a lead sled, I now have a rocket! “-Artie Ferraro, “a very satisfied customer."

Because our engine design relies on extremely efficient cylinder head design, other areas of the engine, such as compression, camshaft profiles, and engine displacement do not have to be at extremes to make good usable HP and torque. Because we can offer engine combinations with low compression and smaller camshaft profiles, we can give you an engine that is the best one out on the road or the track, thus giving you the time of your life with your Harley®.