Evolution Testimonials

I had the JET EV-27 performance package with Supermegs 2 into 1 installed on my 1998 Heritage Softail.  I also went back to a re-jetted stock carb from an S&S "E".

I should have done this package years ago...Now this bike pulls hard and accelerates so fast as compared to stock that you have to be careful about riding up on people.  It starts easier than when I had an S&S carb and I'm getting 46 mpg on highway running 75 mph.  I love my Supermeg 2 into 1's.  My ears don't ring and I can hear my stereo. {dragonfly fairing installed} I am very happy and I can't wait until my swift bar hopper is off warranty so they can rework my S&S 117 motor.

Richard Ethier
Spencer, MA

About 7 years ago you  rebuilt the engine of my 1992 FXRS through American Custom Cycle, Bloomfield, Ct, and I would like to tell you that I am just as pleased now as when I first rode this transformed machine seven years ago.

The engine is wonderful, excellent power across the entire range, and extraordinarily smooth. The best combination of usable power and tractability I've experienced in forty years of owning 40+ bikes.
I've got a terrible addiction to motorcycles, and buy a new one every year; some stay, most go - this FXRS is definitely a keeper.

Thanks for a great job.

Kelly Carlson
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Power from the idle right on up, with better than stock mileage

... who could ask for more?

Jack Schuttenberg
Cudderbackville, NY

Paul has our JET 560 combination in his motorcycle.  The parts were shipped to him and installed in IL.

Paul has our JET 560 combination in his motorcycle.  The parts were shipped to him and installed in IL.


I have your Jet 560 combo in my big twin Evo. Wow! It has power everywhere; from a low end grunt all the way to 6,000 rpm. More power than I expected, great drive-ability, and 55 miles to the gallon. You most certainly back up your claims. It runs a Mikuni HSR 42 and Bub 2 into 1 header.

Paul K.
Barrington, IL

"I have driven 40, 000 miles since JET worked on my scooter and it runs just as good as the day it left Johnson's. Beat that, a Harley with 40,000 trouble free miles. If you use your bike for more than just driveway jewelry, you have to see this wrench."

On 10-30-02 we came into the office to hear this message on our machine from Mr. Morrissey, who is still pleased with his bike.

"Hi Bob... Jim Morrissey... Just thought I would drop you a little quick line.  After 50,000 miles I decided to ride my bike down to Daytona and back.  Absolutely no problems, and I just love looking at these trailer people and telling them I've got a Johnson engine.  One thing you don't have to worry about, ran great and I had a good time...Thank you."

One year later:

"I rode my bike to Sturges, SD this year, ran about 5,500 miles round trip with no problem. The bike still runs like the day I picked it up. I feel a little guilty, 10's of thousands of trouble free miles. No one builds a Harley like Bob."

Three years later:

"Hi Bob,  

My scooter is still running fine. Rode to Manchester yesterday (about 30 miles) She started right up (it was 14 deg and I have no garage). Good ride, a bit nippy. I'm off to Daytona

Jim Morrissey
Melrose, MA

Brad just recently brought his chopper back in for some more modifications to his bike.

"The bike runs so smooth ... I tell you, the motor runs like a top."

Brad Safford
Ashaway, RI

Testimonial 1:

1993 FLHTC with JET EV-27 package

1993 FLHTC with JET EV-27 package

I brought a stock bike and left with a NEW bike. I got non-stop power from idle to redline. It is cooler running and more efficient. Much better mileage too. Knowlege and performance, that's Johnsons. I will be sending my Super-X as soon as finances allow. Thanks for your knowlege! 

Testimonial 2:

Dear Johnsons,

I just got back from a 1800 plus mile trip with a friend who rides a 1500 Gold Wing.  Not only did my bike get 51.8 miles per gallon, but  I could run right with him and on a pass I backed out of the throttle so I didn't run by him. That was not possible with this bike before Thanks for a strong running fuel efficent bike! 

Dave Gulrapp
Madison, WI
JET EV-27 package