Direct Link ECU Mapping - Testimonials

Johnson Engine Technology, Inc.™ has software from TechnoResearch™ that enables us to remap the stock ECU on a Harley Davidson fuel injected motorcycle.  Below are testimonials of happy customers that have had us remove the Power Commander off their bike (eliminating the middle man) and remap the OE ECU. Email our customers for yourself and they will surely attest to the improvements made.

I bought your 95" TC kit for my 2002 Ultra about two years ago.  I've been very happy with the performance of the bike with the power commander you recommended at the time.  About 6 months ago I changed the exhaust system to the true duals and the bike hasn't run right since!  Since I live in the southeast I took the bike to [ ... ] Speed Shop in Daytona twice to get it dyno tuned with no luck.  I then installed a [ ... ] sensor system and still no luck.  I finally contacted you all at JET and Robert suggested remapping my ECM.  Finally after 6 months of grief and about a $1000 dollars wasted the bike runs Great again!  I should have gone right to the "best" first!  Thanks JET

Mark Felices
Bell Buckle, TN

The Dyno Tuning and Fuel Mapping with the Direct Link Software worked wonders on my bike; it really complemented the 106 Fuel Injected Twin Cam Package JET did last year. The Direct Link tuning system produced significantly better results than the Power Commander.  As you pointed out in the computer charts it has more torque, more power, and is almost a second quicker completing a run on the Dyno compared to the Power Commander runs you did last year.  Every time I twist the throttle I am astonished of how quickly and smoothly it accelerates.  I highly recommend the Direct Link Software.  My Road King is running sweet, thanks.

Mike Cone
North Kingstown, RI

Hello Bob

I just arrived at home since I left your shop. It's 1:00 AM. You gave me a totally new and different motorcycle. I can't say enough, I'm speechless which is not like me. Before when I went 60 MPH I felt it. Now it is so smooth, I look down at the speedometer and I am going 90 MPH and it feels like it wants to go faster. I think I need a six speed transmission.

Throttle response is very impressive. It is hard to believe it is the same motor. The sound from the exhaust is outstanding. Although I wouldn't call it noise, I would call it a 'tuned to perfection opera of power.'

I rode with a few friends tonight which also have Road Kings and they were amazed. I let them ride the bike and they could not believe the difference. They all have your business card. It is a pleasure to meet you and your crew. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. 

Thank You again,

Mike Archetto
Woonsocket, RI