Crankshaft Services

We have been racing HD’s© for over twenty years and have taken all that racing knowledge and applied it to every crank that we build.

During those 20 years we have learned the secrets to making a reliable crankshaft. We at JET guarantee the best crank work that money can buy. We have never had a crank failure on any of our race bikes or street bikes.

JET offers crank rebuilding on all HD© cranks. TC’s©, EVO’s©, XL’s©: Complete rebuilding with NEW H-BEAM Connecting rods and rebalancing We weld all press together cranks. We have TC rebuilt crankshaft cores in stock and ready to ship within 2 business days.

Balance Crank Shaft (EVO,XL)

Requires complete disassembly of crankshaft.  (reassembly and truing additional cost)

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