Buell and Sportster Testimonials

To everyone at JET,
My most recent visit to JET was in addition to all the great performance work done in the past by your crew. Bob was right about feeling that extra mid range power! I just want to say that every trip from New Haven to your shop has been worth it and I am doing my best to spread the word so others can experience the quality of work I have.

Some say Sportsters are chick bikes, bar hopping bikes, and beginners' bikes. Not my Sportster modified by Johnson Engine Technology!!!!!!!! 
Thanks again, Tony.       

Tony Marcosano,
New Haven, CT

Dear Bob,
You and your organization transformed my bike into the terror of club racing and track days in the N.E.  Not only does it now strike fear in the hearts of Honda/Suzuki/ Yamaha/Ducati pilots, it has the reliability of an anvil.  Quite literally, my "maintenance" for the past 100+ laps of racing has been to add gas - pump gas at that (no exotic fuels required...)!  No-one who has seen the bike run, has failed to be impressed.

It is absolutely clear that the technologies you bring to an engine project, and the care with which you and your staff execute them, are singularly responsible for taking my hopeless 'basket case' and transforming it into an admired competitor and fun 'toy'.

Robin Fischer
East Syracuse, NY

Perfection is a combination of things.
A stellar fall day and a 160 mile ride on a 1977 XLCR Sportster, resurrected from the ashes, shod, and tuned to perfection by Johnson Engine Technology.  Thanks guys, the bike was perfection.

George Janz
North Stonington, CT

Mr. Jensen and his wife drove all the way from California to have Johnson Engine Technology work on his bike during the month of July. Now is that satisfaction with JET or what???

Charles Jensen
Coronado, CA

"The level of performance that you have achieved [after an 883-1200 conversion] on my motorcycle with your head work is absolutely incredible.  Where once I had a lead sled, I now have a rocket!  Last evening, at about 11:30, I saw and felt what true performance is!  On 95, in 5th gear, at 105 mph, the motor still had more.  I decided to back off!  I am thoroughly impressed with your work and performance.  I'm sure that, in the future, we will work on other projects." 

"Sincerely yours, Artie Ferraro, a very satisfied customer."

Bob has done 2 engines for me. An 80 inch EVO in the late 90s and a 2004 1200 Sportster engine.

Both engines had heads done, cylinders bored and squared, cams and JET intake manifolds...I liked the work Bob did for me back in 1996 on my Dyna so much that when I decided to get more oomph from my new sportster, I knew where to go. My Sportster went like crazy. Mid 80s HP and mid 80s Tq. Who wouldn't like that? I am very pleased with the work done by JET and have since sold my Sportster and purchased a new Dyna. 

Well, where do you think I will go when I have the cash to rebuild this motor.....You got it. JET

Barry Rowe,