Bikes We've Done

These are just a few of the bikes Johnson Engine Technology™ has worked on.

This FXR is equipped with JET CVN heads, a JET 51 CV intake manifold, JET Airstack, a completely rebuilt balanced and blue printed motor,and cycle shack pipes.  The bike makes 130 HP and 131 ft lbs of torque. 

This pulling tractor is powered by a JET built 124 cu" engine and runs on Methanol.  JET also wired all the electrical on the machine as well as oriented all fuel lines.  

Whitford went from a JET 1200 Sport package at 74 cu" to 84cu".  This Sportster has a complete JET motor and JET custom exhaust and makes 101.8 ft lbs of torque and 99 HP.  Check out his dyno, it compares his previous visit to his present!  He went up 21 ft lbs of torque and about 15 HP.

The motorcycles to the right may look nice coming off the showroom floor on the outside, but on the inside you would be surprised at what we found.  Not only did Moretti (top) and Zagorski (bottom) come to us looking for a little performance out of their bikes, but they also wanted to make sure they were made right, and rightfully so.  

Now that they are equipped with Johnson Engine Technology's Fuel Injected 106 cu" Twin Cam Package as well as other necessary Twin Cam modifications, these bikes now ride like they are supposed to with all the reliability expected of a brand new 2003 Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The dyno runs speak for themselves on both this 106 carbureted Twin Cam and the fuel injected 106 next door.  The power this bike makes is 100 HP and 125 ft lbs torque.  The owner of this motorcycle, Bob Gilbert, is so confident in our work, he is one of our dealers in Ohio.

This fuel injected 106 Twin Cam owned by Mike St. John made 110 HP and 128 ft lbs torque.  St. John recently brought his bike back to us looking for even a little more.  We changed his exhaust to Cycle Shack pipes and adjusted his fuel map and he now makes 114 HP and 131 ft/lbs torque.  What a machine this is! Below is a testimonial and his dyno graph. What's in this bike?

"Hey  JET,  I've  put  3500 miles  on  my new 106.  The  bike  runs perfect, the power  is awesome, the  gas  mileage  is  good  and I'm  looking  forward  to  a  fun  riding  season!!!!!!!"

This Iron Horse is owned by Norman Cardinal.  Johnson Engine Technology has installed a blueprinted S&S 116 cu" engine with JET cylinder heads, JET intake manifold, and a JET modified carburetor. This bike makes 125 HP and 128 ft lbs torque (see dyno run) and is capable of going from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds.  Cardinal's bike also has a BDL primary belt drive, with outstanding bearing supports.  This is a must for bikes that make this kind of power and drivers who wish to be everyday street riders.  This combination is for serious riders ONLY!  Pansies apply elsewhere!  

Robin Fischer's Buell was completely rebuilt and ready to go for the race track.  When this bike rolled out of here in April of 2001, the engine was set up at 84 cu". This displacement was achieved by going with 3 3/4" bore cylinders and pistons and stock stroke.  (see dyno run)  This engine runs so cool that after a lengthy practice run Mr. Fischer can get a drink of water, come back and have to use the choke to start the motorcycle again.

Franco Gallina, Drag Racing Team Firenze

Franco is from Italy and though it is hard to see, the above  cut out shows where Franco had "Johnson Engine Technology" painted on his bike because of the power we were able to provide him and his team with.  To Franco we sold an 80 cu" engine that made 100 HP and 95 ft lbs torque so he could have fun tearing up the Italian racing scene.

This bike was shipped to Johnson Engine Technology in 1998, from England and is now owned by Stephen Lewis.  This bike was somewhat of an eye soar until it came to us (see the before and after pics).  The FXR has a 113 cu" S&S engine that JET blueprinted with JET cylinder heads, JET intake manifold, and a JET carburetor and makes comparable power to Cardinal's Iron Horse.

This FXR style chassised custom was another bike with too many hands on it until it came to us.  With a 94cu" engine and a comparable package to Johnson's FXR (click here for Johnson's dyno) we at Johnson Engine Technology turned this bike into a fun and fire breathing ride.

This Chopper is owned by Brad Safford.  Until it came to Johnson Engine Technology, this Chopper had too many hands in the pot.  We did extensive chassis and engine work to turn this hard tail chopper into a smooth (very low vibration) everyday rider.  The bike includes JET heads, JET intake manifold, a JET modified carburetor, and an EV-27 camshaft.  

This bike is very smooth and makes good horsepower and great torque. When asked if he got some use out of it 2 years later, Safford responded, "Oh yeah, I tell you, that motor runs like a top!"