The Johnson System-Getting More from Less by Kevin Cameron

"You can build your Harley any way you want, but when you’re done, it’s still a Harley."

This statement has been made countless times by countless people allegedly wise in the ways of Milwaukee’s famous motorcycles. But Robert Johnson disagrees. In fact, he offers his own alternative conviction: “An engine can’t read what’s written on the valve covers.” That first remark says that the character of a Harley’s powerband doesn't change, stock or modified: Off the bottom, torque is mighty, but it dwindles away as the revs build. Johnson’s philosophy, however, means that an engine doesn't have to be stuck with the nature its manufacturer gave it.

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Head to Head, Dyno Test: Bob Johnson Has a New Concept in Cylinder Heads
by Jim Cooper

An oldie, but a goodie!  Jim Cooper has the opportunity to ride and dyno test a JET modified Sportster and then write about it.  A good read for sure! 

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